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I checked. This doesn’t appear to be a real movie.peteneems:

Air Bud 6: Surf’s Pup (2014)

I checked. This doesn’t appear to be a real movie.


Air Bud 6: Surf’s Pup (2014)

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Fuck you, ice water.


Bubbles From Trailer Park Boys Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!


// Obama Proposes Internet “Too Soon” Law//


Obama Proposes Internet “Too Soon” Law #TooSoon #Obama #FirstAmendment

Obama - Not AmusedSources out of Washington are saying that President Obama has drafted emergency legislation, being referred to as the “Too Soon” law or the “Celebrity Death” law, to outlaw free speech in instances where the topic being discussed has happened too recently for the average liberal to handle. Some are speculating this legislation has been rushed to committee due to the recent death of actor Robin…

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Professional Wrestler 'Alberto Del Rio' Released By WWE For "Unprofessional Conduct"

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The time they tried to do a dog movie tie-in on wrestling.

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